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Riverside County’s Indio, California, has its roots in the Southern Pacific Railroad: it initially served as a much needed halfway point for trains traveling between Yuma and Los Angeles. Beginning in 1876, trains would stop here to remove the sand they had acquired along the way and for refilling water supplies. Progress continued from this point and Indio’s booming railway industry soon gave way to agriculture: onions, cotton, dates, grapes and citrus grew easily in the dry climate. Indio became known as the “hub” of the Coachella Valley, as it offered the trappings of organized social life, such as schools, medical care and stores to the larger valley community. Today, it is a thriving community toward which families and sun lovers alike flock to make their Southern California homes.

Indio Homes for Sale

Agriculture and tourism rule the roost in Indio, and, because of this, there is always a need for qualified tourism professionals and farm laborers within the community. Construction workers, maintenance professionals and skilled housekeepers are also in high demand. Top Indio employers include the Desert Sands Unified School District (employs over 1,000 workers) and the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital. Seasonally, the Coachella Music Festival held in Indio is always in need of support staff and workers to assist with such a grand production.

School aged children are serviced by one of two school districts: the Desert Sands Unified School District and the Coachella Valley Unified School District. The residents of Indio are proud of their 6 elementary schools and 2 middle schools — all have been highly rated by the California Distinguished Schools initiative. The two high schools, Coachella Valley and Desert Mirage, are both located in Thermal, California. Families who prefer to privately educate their children can choose from one of Indio’s 6 private schools. The valley’s community college, College of the Desert, has a branch in Indio for adults who wish to continue their educations. Though not yet accredited, the new California Desert Trial Academy College of Law plans to expand in Indio beyond their current location at the Larson Justice Center Law Library.

Indio is a city that takes its public parks seriously, and it shows: there are 11 parks in the city in addition to a municipal public golf course, community center and senior gathering facility. Desert beauty is everywhere: Indio shares its land with the splendor of the Sonoran Desert. The Indio Hills Palms State Reserve and the Coachella Valley Preserve are natural wonders: within them are a lush oasis thanks to the San Andreas faultline, which is able to capture the water that nourishes both palm trees and the little known desert pupfish, an endangered species of fish native to this area. Indio is also a birder’s delight and has been recognized as an official National Bird Sanctuary due to its seasonal bird migration toward the Salton Sea.

For a desert town, Indio suffers no shortage of culture. As part of a public arts project, the town itself proudly displays ten murals commemorating its unique history. The Coachella Valley History Museum and Cultural Center is home to various valley artifacts and includes gardens, a schoolhouse and museum dedicated to the great Date fruit. Every year, Indio hosts one of the world’s most recognized music festivals, “Coachella”. Musicians of the highest caliber play this festival and past performers have included Paul McCartney, Prince, Kenny Chesney and The Eagles.  Though decidedly less glamourous, the Riverise County Fair and National Date Festival is a fun annual event that celebrates the community and the great date.

From its humble yet functional beginnings as a railway town, Indio now bustles with a new kind of traffic: tourists and locals co-exist as they enjoy Indio’s natural beauty and culture. Permanent residents take advantage of excellent schools and numerous employment options. Potential residents should make a date with this desert town and see what it has to offer.

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